Standard delivery is free on all orders over £39.95

COVID-19 Update

All meals are prepared at Côte’s own kitchen, which enforces strict safety measures that includes the wearing of masks, gloves, and supervision by an in-house food safety expert.

Deliveries & Drivers

Drivers are taking extra precautions to minimise the risk of spread. They do not come into close contact with other members of the operational team as part of the social distancing guidelines and stay in their vehicle while the food is loaded. 

Wearing gloves is required when handling orders and they are required to wash their hands before shift, after shift and between jobs. They wear a new pair of gloves for each delivery. 

They are monitored for body temperature before and after shift and anyone with temperature above 37.8 are advised to self isolate for 7 days before returning to work. Vehicles are washed and sanitized thoroughly at the end of each day.

Where possible, orders are delivered to customers with minimal to no contact. A photograph will be sent to you via text or email to let you know when your delivery has arrived at your door.